About us

Vercken & Avocats is a boutique law firm founded in September 2006 which specializes in all aspects of real estate law.

Unlike law firms whose practice encompasses a wide variety of legal fields, Vercken & Avocats is positioned as a niche firm focusing solely on real estate law, which is a transversal domaine in constant evolution.

This specificity enables us to capitalize our skills and know-how and allows us to more efficiently treat our clients' demands as we are specialized in the domain which we know the best and practice every day.

In this perspective, we have chosen to develop our practice in the fields of both legal advice and litigation.


Our approach favors a thorough understanding of what is at stake for each of our clients while considering their particular economic environment and the distinctive features of their sector.

The firm aims to offer its clients personalized and custom-made service which features:

  • Rigor, experience and creativity
  • Availability and responsiveness
  • Anticipation and determination
  • Tenacity during negotiations

Adrien VERCKEN‘s experience in a number of leading global law firms allows him to handle complex cases at the international level.